The Parisian Assignation

The Parisian Assignation

Stephen has lived most of his life believing he was an unassuming Cranford, son of Anne, a housewife and Douglas, a local family practitioner. He has finished college, begun a career, and is engaged to a swimsuit model. What more could an All-American Boy ask for?

On his twenty-eighth birthday, Stephen learns he is the sole heir to the fortune of Étienne François Masson, the legendary philanthropist and CEO of Masson Enterprises. To claim his fortune, and guard it against a hostile takeover by his father’s half-brother, he has to move to Paris to learn all the ins and outs of the empire his late father left him.

The company hires an assistant for him before he arrives, one who is fluent in both English and French, and is someone with whom he shares an intimate past—someone he’d sooner forget.

American born Nicole Parker has studied abroad since she was in grade school, and is an MBA and expert linguist. She is excellent at what she does, but for some reason she rubs Stephen Cranford, entirely the wrong way.

Will this Parisian assignation prepare Stephen to be an international tycoon, or will his assistant drive him to distraction, in more ways than one?



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